Birth Mothers

The Adoption Process

We want to thank you for choosing life for your child! Let us be part of your adoption journey from start to finish. Find out more information about the process and how it works.


We understand that choosing adoption for your child can be difficult and emotional. To help alleviate your stress, we provide financial assistance, case management, and therapy for our expectant parents. 

The Process


The first step is to complete your first ultrasound with us! This helps us determine what stage of pregnancy you are in and what you and your child's needs will be during the pregnancy. 


We will schedule a consultation with you to further discuss the process. We will talk about what to expect, your adoptive family preferences, financial need, and birth father situation. We are happy to work with all expectant parents regardless of whether you struggle with addiction, have HIV, or Hepatitis C. We are not here to judge. You chose life for this child, and we are honored to join you in your adoption journey. 

Develop a Budget

Based on your financial need, we will develop a budget for you. We understand that you may be struggling. We can provide financial assistance with your living and medical expenses, as allowed by Florida law. Additionally, we can aid with transportation and counseling depending on your need.   

Birth Father

We are willing to work with you regardless of if you do not know the birth father or have multiple birth fathers. We never judge. We will guide you through what steps to take depending on your situation. 

Selecting an Adoptive Family

After determining what you are looking for in adoptive families, we will help you find the perfect fit! We want our expectant parents to select the adoptive family. We encourage you to meet the family and get to know them before the birth. We also encourage semi-open and open relationships for you to continue to be a part of each other's lives.


Financial Assistance

As allowed by Florida law, we can provide you with weekly gift cards to cover living expenses. This includes rent, utilities, medical bills, gas mileage, clothing, and food. We also provide transportation. Our driver will take you to and from doctors appointments and counseling sessions. 

Counseling and Therapy

Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kathleen, provides free case management, counseling, and therapy sessions every other week or as needed to ensure that you and your child are fully supported throughout your pregnancy.

Adoptive Family Selection

We work with adoptive agencies from all over Florida and the U.S. All of our families are home study approved and ready to joyfully welcome a child into their home. We will help you find the perfect fit for your child. 

Legal Finalization

Once the baby is born, we will handle the finalization of the adoption process. For our adoptive parents, we handle all necessary legal work to complete adoption, including the termination of parental rights, the ICPC processing of the adoption, and court approval of all fees and expenses incurred in connection with the adoption.

Guardianships and Voluntary Custody

We assist with guardianships for minor children, guardian advocate proceedings for disabled individuals, voluntary guardianships, as well as traditional adult guardianships of the person and property.  We also handle voluntary custody matters when a child is placed with a family member. 

Looking to Adopt a Child?

Christian Adoption Consultants

Licensed adoption consultants that help with the adoption process, placement, guidance, and finances. 

Adoption Information Services

Provides adoption education, referral services, advocacy, and guidance for adoptive parents. 

The Adoption Consultancy

Nicole Witt and staff guide prospective parents through the adoption process and the numerous possibilities for domestic adoption. 

Karen Phillips Counselling

Karen provides counseling and therapy services for adoption-related issues, as well as assist with consultation, home study, and placement processes. 

Schedule a Consultation

Consultations are by appointment only.

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