Elder Law

We work with families to create advanced directives for loved ones, who will likely need help from family members in the future.  We can also guide you through the Medicaid eligibility process, including drafting and administering Qualified Income Trusts, Personal Services Contracts and Ladybird Deeds. We can also assist with obtaining an Order of Support without Dissolution of Marriage.   

Estate Planning

We enjoy working with families to develop individualized estate plans, which could include, Wills, Trusts, Trusts for Minor Children, Durable Powers of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogates, Medical Powers of Attorney for Minor Children, Assistance with Beneficiary Designations for Life Insurance Policies, Retirement Accounts and Brokerage Accounts. 

Probate and Trust Adminstration

When your loved one passes, we are here to assist with the probate process (summary or formal administration), as well as offer assistance with trust administration.