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Elder Law

We work with families to create advanced directives for loved ones, who will likely need help from family members in the future.  We can also guide you through the Medicaid eligibility process, including drafting and administering Qualified Income Trusts, Personal Services Contracts and Ladybird Deeds. We can also assist with obtaining an Order of Support without Dissolution of Marriage.  

Estate Planning

 Your home may be the most valuable investment that you have and your family is your most important priority. Of course, you want to do everything you can to protect both. 

Attorney Kim Gossett can help you prepare your Last Will and Testament and/or a Living Trust, so you can protect your family. Your Last Will and Testament, or more commonly known as a Will, outlines how you would like to have your assets distributed at the time of your death. A Trust or Revocable Living Trust, can do the same thing, but the trust, itself, owns your assets. We know the laws pertaining to your home and can guide you accordingly. 

In addition to outlining how your assets will be distributed at your death, your Will would also include other key provisions necessary to protect your loved ones, such as the custody of your minor children, trust distribution, and electing a Personal Representative. 

If you work with us, we will carefully choreograph which assets will pass through probate, which assets will pass through a beneficiary designation or which will be owned by a joint owner who has survived you. Many folks like the concept of a revocable Trust as a way to avoid probate. This is appropriate for some folks, but not all. We will evaluate together if you are a good candidate for this kind of Trust. Your specific situation may not warrant it and we will help you with this stage of the process as well. 

In addition to preparing a Last Will and Testament or Trust, we will talk about creating advanced directives and documents to have in place in the event you are physically or mentally incapacitated, like a Durable Power of Attorney or designation of a Health Care Surrogate. 

We believe that consulting with an attorney and doing your estate planning documents is one of the greatest things you can do to protect your family and your investments. Let us do what we do best and give you and your loved ones the greatest gift if all - a peace of mind!

Probate & Trust Administration

When your loved one passes, we are here to assist with the probate process (summary or formal administration) as well as assistance with trust administration. 

Forms & Questionnaires

Please download, print, and fill out the appropriate form before your scheduled appointment. 

Estate Planning Questionnaire for Couples (pdf)


Estate Planning Questionnaire for Individuals (pdf)